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In Electronic Office we use email only for issuing email alerts, i.e., to notify people that an Electronic Office file is awaiting their attention.

An Electronic Office file captures transaction records, as well as attached documents. It is a piece of data that lives in the Google Cloud. Google encrypt it both when it is moving and while at rest, so it is safe and protected from malicious prying eyes.

And more...

  1. A variety of content can be embedded in an Electronic Office file besides plain text, viz., images, tables, forms, Buy Now buttons, links to external resources, etc.
  2. We have enabled parallel workflow; i.e., an Electronic Office file can flow simultaneously to more than one individual ... obviously impossible with paper files !
  3. Furthermore, the originator of a file can continuously monitor the status of the file, and take decisions on what should happen to it under exception conditions, as well as when to close and archive the file.