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Information Management System

Enables defining entities of any one of the following 8 types, viz., Employee, Customer, Vendor, Member, Faculty, Student, Doctor and Patient. Enables communicating with entities via email. 


 Entity Accounting System

Enables maintaining the accounts of entities of the above 8 types, by way of crediting / debiting  them. Includes a number of utilities, such as intimating the entities their dues, and sending them their account statement, by email.

Your organization can opt for receiving payment online from any of your entities, with automated crediting of the entity's account. (This feature is currently available only for Indian organizations).


Inventory Management System

Enables definition of products. Enables maintaining their inventory both by quantity and value. 




Services Portal 

Any entity, viz., a Client, can access the Services Portal. The Services Portal instance typically flows back and forth between the Client and Services Portal Support Staff, until the Client has been provided satisfactory service. Incoming Client requests are distributed equitably among the designated Services Portal Support Staff, thus enabling efficient service provisioning.

Services Portal is ideally suited for a diverse range of services, such as

  • Insurance Claim
  • Warranty and Post-warranty Service
  • Employment (i.e., Job) Application
  • Student Application
  • Bank Loan Application
  • Patient Consultation
  • etc.


Broadcast Service

An authorized employee can initiate and launch one or more Broadcasts, accessible by all entities. The Broadcast can consist of textual material, images, links to videos, other websites, etc. It can also have one or more file attachments, which can be downloaded by the accessing entity. Broadcast Service is an invaluable tool for making announcements targeted at, or for transferring documents to, selected entity types