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Processes Online

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Paper-less virtual office in the Google Cloud

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Electronic Office

Traditional paper files are hugely popular because they ensure tracability of transactions and are not easy to tamper with. However, paper file movement is abysmally slow. And worse ... you need a regular "brick-and-mortar" office to maintain archived files.

In order to speed up transactions, what you need is the electronic equivalent of conventional paper files. This is what Processes Online gives you. Learn more ...

eFiling Cabinets

In every office, the classification and storage of documents is a major issue. Typically, these documents occupy a large part of the office space, besides being hard to access when needed.

Processes Online allows every employee to create any number of named electronic filing cabinets, then store any number of documents in each of these filing cabinets. The naming of the filing cabinets serves towards classifying the documents.


Applications and Services

The inclusion of 3 key applications and 2 innovative services further enhances the value of Processes Online in running your organization, be it a small or medium business, a non-profit, a club, or a government department.

Process Automation

Processes Online is an advanced platform for process automation. It provides an object-oriented database for custom application development and business process automation.

Learn more ....



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