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Processes Online

Zero-code Workflow Automation

Traditional paper files, the time-honoured mechanism for implementing workflows, are hugely popular because they ensure tracability of transactions and are not easy to tamper with. However, paper file movement is abysmally slow. And worse ... you need a regular "brick-and-mortar" office to maintain archived files.

In order to speed up workflows, what you need is the electronic equivalent of conventional paper files. This is what Processes Online gives you.


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Use Cases

Intelligent Process Automation

Processes Online offers an advanced platform for process automation. It provides an object-oriented database for custom application development and business process automation.

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Built-in Processes

Processes Online offers a number of built-in applications and services, which are of immense value to a wide variety of organizations, such as Corporates, Small and Medium Businesses, Clubs, NGOs, etc.

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