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Processes Online

Java-based Platform for Web Application Development & Process Automation


Offered to you as Saas, i.e., Software-as-a-Service


  1. Processes Online provides an object-oriented database built on top of a highly scalable and reliable NoSQL database, viz.,  Google Cloud Datastore. Object attributes can have a wide range of datatypes, viz., String, Real, Integer, Set, Date, Email, XML, Object.
  2. Processes Online provides a compact set of high-level Java APIs that result in applications having much, much, fewer lines of code compared to using native Datastore APIs
  3. Processes Online provides built-in classes and methods which facilitate process automation
  4. Processes Online provides built-in entity classes, viz., Employee, Customer, Vendor, Member, Faculty, Student, Doctor and Patient, whose passwords are managed by Processes Online. This ensures applications and business processes can be rapidly developed for a wide range of verticals.
  5. Business processes can be designed, debugged and tested in free and open-source Eclipse IDE; no lock-in to proprietary Design Studios
  6. Archived process instances are saved in the Processes Online database for future reference and analysis


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Max. no. of objects: 100000

Saas charges: ₹ 30000/- , approx. US$ 400/-, p.m.( ₹ 3 lakhs, approx. US$ 4000/-, per annum) from 3rd month onwards 


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